Due: Tuesday, October 6
Points: 5


Create a Google spreadsheet in your PADJO2015 folder named: PADJO2015-SFCRIME-PIVOTS

It should include 3 different histograms:

  • A histogram in which Burglary-type crimes are grouped by hour of day
  • A histogram in which Assault-type crimes are grouped by hour of day
  • Top 10 categories of crime, city-wide


Obviously, the tutorial on pivot tables and earthquakes will be very handy.

Download the data for this exercise here.

The data originally came from the SF data portal


A walkthrough of managing earthquake data and doing basic visualizations with spreadsheets (Part 2 of 3)

A walkthrough of using Pivot Tables to summarize earthquake data across two dimensions, allowing for even more insightful histograms (Part 3 of 3)

Pivot tables are an effective tool for quickly summarizing the facts from a mass of records