The week of Tuesday, October 6

These links contain material that I refer to in class but in self-contained article/aggregate/tutorial form.

Online visualization tools make it easy to create a map from a spreadsheet. Here’s a brief overview of current tools.

A quick how-to on just getting started with the SQLite Browser

Projects, datasets, investigative journalism, and research tracking the use of deadly force by police in the United States.

An overview of the different ways in counting and categorizing gun-related homicides and events of mass casualties.


Porting Data from SQL to Maps

Due: Tuesday, October 13
Points: 5

A introduction to moving around SQL and exporting the data to a visualization.

In light of unfortunate current events, it seems timely to look at how difficult it is to track incidents of mass shootings/murders as well as police-involved killings.

One example of an independent crowdsourced counting project comes from Mother Jones:

After the 2012 mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Mother Jones launched a five-month special investigation focusing on American gun laws and the apparent rise in mass shootings. Their project included an online database of mass shootings from 1982-2012, which they have updated with major shootings through 2015.

Data files

SFPD Assaults 2003 - 2013