Baltimore's strange rape decline

How the Baltimore Sun used flawed FBI crime statistics to scrutinize the handling of sexual assault cases by the Baltimore Police.

Investigating Medicare with SQL

In this walkthrough of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid provider payment data, we use SQL to test the cliams of the the Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer-winning investigation.

Florida's missing speeding cops

How the Sun-Sentinel used databases and grade-school arithmetic to derive the illegal speeding by Florida cops.

Learning to count

Important work is as simple and difficult as counting.

The singular of data is anecdote

Data is just as biased and dirty as any anecdote. This understanding is the foundational starting point of the best best data journalism.

Tracking Shootings, Mass Shootings, and Mass Killings

An overview of the different ways in counting and categorizing gun-related homicides and events of mass casualties.

Tracking police-involved homicides: A shortlist of data projects and investigations

Projects, datasets, investigative journalism, and research tracking the use of deadly force by police in the United States.