Due: Friday, December 11
Points: 5


Create a Folder in your PADJO2015 folder named: PADJO2015-FOIAFIVE.

In that folder should be 6 files:

  • A spreadsheet titled FOIAFIVE-LIST with these fields named with this exact capitalization and order:
    • title 60 to 100 word headline of what’s going on, “Request for bathroom cleaning fees for years 2010 to 2015”
    • agency - To whom you are requesting data from, e.g. “City of Palo Alto Sanitation Department”
    • addressee who are you addressing it to, name and job title, e.g. “Public Information Officer John Doe”
    • precedent_url - A url to some other story or record where you got inspiration for this from. Ideally, another FOIA letter that you have to modify. Muckrock is a good place to start.
    • date_sent - the day that you sent the email
    • date_first_response - the day of the first response (even if it’s an autoresponder)
  • A document for each letter you send


  • It doesn’t have to be much different than the first FOIA assignment.