First week note: This section is under heavy revision so that the assignments are listed and organized in a relatively ordered way. Be prepared for frequent, small assignments on a weekly basis.

Current Assignments

Name Points Due Date
Learning to use spreadsheets for organizing your non-numerical data and for sane crowdsourcing.
5 Thursday, September 24
Ask the FBI what they have on the famous and deceased.
5 Tuesday, September 29
Pick 5 data stories from a wide selection, write five short summaries
5 Thursday, October 1
Use pivot tables to summarize San Francisco crime data
5 Tuesday, October 6
Use pivot tables to compare year-over-year crime data
5 Tuesday, October 6
A introduction to moving around SQL and exporting the data to a visualization.
5 Tuesday, October 13
Practice SQL and find out more about your name using the Social Security Administration's baby name data
5 Thursday, October 15
Combine several kinds of spatial and boundary data in QGIS to make a map that shows both points and gradients
10 Thursday, November 12
A warm-up, self-contained exercise on all the SQL Joins you'll need to know for the more real-world exercise.
10 Tuesday, November 17
A hands-on exploration using SQL to learn about Medicare data and controversial practices in Medicare billing, as well as to appreciate the Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer Prize winning data investigation.
15 Thursday, December 3
Combine your database and data visualization skills to find, filter, analyze, and visualize data as a publishable package for the web.
25 Thursday, December 10
Research other FOIA requests, get inspired, and send out 5 to agencies relevant to your beat/thesis so that you have something to look forward to in the new year.
5 Friday, December 11